The Healthy Benefits Of Kissing

Since the beginning of time a kiss has been the symbol of love, but many people don’t know that kissing also has several health benefits. It is a unique way of receiving particular hormones such as testosterone. Therefore kissing is both a social pleasantry and a health benefactor.

The health benefits of kissing are numerous; hence, it is almost impossible to mention all of them. The following are the five most pronounced health benefits of kissing:

Weight loss

The amounts of calories you burn when kissing greatly depend on your weight and the intensity of the kiss. A passionate kiss tends to raise your heart rate which in return speeds up the metabolism. You also get great aerobic workout when you kiss as it increases how much adrenaline is gushing through your body. Kissing burns 2-3 calories a minute and three passionate kisses a day will automatically cause you to shed off an extra pound.

Pain relief

You don’t have to go to the drug store to get a pain reliever as there’s no better treatment for pain than a natural remedy like kissing. The oxytocin produced when people kiss modulates the pain by suppressing pain pathways in the multiple parts of the brain. It also acts directly on the natural pain receptors in the body. Our saliva also contains a kind of anesthetic which increases pleasure by realizing dopamine.

Helps you identify the perfect companion

Kissing produces the feeling of trust and also inspires positive feeling towards someone. Consequently, it helps one size up a potential partner once in a relationship. Moreover, it keeps couples together once they commit themselves in a relationship. Kissing is full of clues to help you find the right person for us. You can easily tell whether the kiss was magical or weird.

Boosts immunity

Kissing elevates levels of serotonin which in return lowers the stress hormone thus lowering stress. The exchange of lower levels of germs when kissing can actually give the immune system a boost. Saliva secretes natural antibodies that kill bacteria when we kiss. Endorphins are also increased when we kiss; this are feel good hormones that help us live a healthy happy life.

Reduces blood pressure

It gets your heart throttled in a healthy way that helps lower blood pressure. By dilating your blood vessels; it enables blood to flow well and get to all the dynamic organs. The blood vessel dilation brought on by a good kiss helps zap cramps and headaches.

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