Adult sex toys and escorts

Adult sex toys would refer to a device or object made and designed for sexual pleasure. They are designed to resemble human genitals and come in two form either vibrating or non-vibrating though recently vibrators have been more popular in the market. They include anal beads, pussy pumps and a long list of other sexual paraphernalia.

Vibrators and dildos

For a high number of cheap sex toys users, dildos and vibrators are there first choice when they come to think of adult sex toys. Dildos for a matter of fact have been in existence for quite a long period of time far as the ice age, making them available in a large range of size, shapes and colour and works well as an introduction to adult sex toys. From incredible realistic phalluses al through to sleek and sexy silver bullets are just but a few that is there to be offered.

Cock rings and sleeves

Cock rings and sleeves helps one to stay harder for quit a longer period during an encounter with adult sex toys. They come in hand to make ones erection harder and prolong sex period as long as it takes. There is also presence of cork rings that comes in hand to stimulate pleasure for both you and your partner.

Anal stimulation

Anal stimulation can be a fun experience and has the ability to add an extra dimension to sex with an escort. Anal toys too come in a range of variety including anal bleeds, butt plugs, vibrating ball just but to mention a few. As a matter of fact stimulation of the male’s prostate gland causes an increase to the intensity of the male organism keeping maximum pleasure at its peak. On the other hand one can use anal stimulators just to tease the adult sex toys during or before sex.


Most escort love using sex toys to their partner and if you are new to sex toys using them with an experienced escort can be daunting

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